Friday, 7 October 2011

Tidy desk, tidy mind?

Hmmm.... well maybe not. Here is a picture of my unreconstructed desk. And this is NOT at it's worst, though it may be close. I MUST tidy up before too long - my name necklace is in the notonthehightstreet catalogue arriving today and tomorrow, and already I had three orders at lunch time, so it might be getting a little busy next week. Or it might not. I wish I knew.

Meanwhile I brought sketch book and tracing paper home so I can at least sketch out names this weekend (after all there's no room on my desk to do it!). So far this week we have Penny, Lucy, Olivia, Chloe, Maye, Ellie and Elen. I'm looking forward to repeated names to save me a bit of time!

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Handbags by Helen said...

Funny, I was going to blog about where I keep my fabric stash this weekend. Just haven't got around to taking a picture...and nothing as grand as a desk and a lamp!