Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Thoughts on customers...

I'm really, truly lucky, blessed even, to have a bunch of loyal customers. They are supportive, interesting, they set me fascinating challenges/commissions and it genuinely cheers my day to see them walk through the door of fig. And then there's some others. And we are lucky that they are few in number, but this week I have been chasing one such customer. Over two months ago she ordered one of my name necklaces. She was friendly and we chatted in the shop before she decided to order the necklace and we measured to get the right length, and discussed whether to have a capital first letter. Such was our pleasant conversation, I (foolishly) decided not to ask for a deposit. Since I finished her personalised necklace six weeks ago, I have texted her, emailed and called her mobile. I can only assume she's changed her mind, but why not call me? It's not an expensive item in the grand scheme of things, and she knew the cost before she ordered it. And she knows I've carried out the work, and that I can't just sell it on like an item that's not personalised.

Anyway, I will end my rant with a photo of a commission from last summer, for one of my polite, friendly and interesting band of commissioners - and I thank you lovely peeps from the bottom of my heart!

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