Friday, 23 December 2011

A rather special commission...

Last week, apart from getting the final remaining (post) Christmas orders in the post, I also had a wedding commission to make - a wild roses tiara! (And I can't help but hear my father's voice saying boomp-see-ay after that word!)

I took some dodgy photos as I went along and here they are....


She's getting married on the 2nd of January so hopefully I'll have better photos to post after that!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Almost there....

I'm sorry for my lack of blogging, but it has been work, work, work for the last month or so, with only the occasional day off at the weekends. I do finally feel like the end is in sight, with another 25+ orders leaving fig on Wednesday when the lovely Eva will be back to pack and post. What a godsend she's been!

It's been an interesting month or so as for the first time I've been able to consider a different future for my business. I'd always imagined that I would merrily plod along making a little bit more - money and items - every year, hopefully charging a little more for my work, and selling, in the main, direct to my customers via the shop. The success I've had with notonthhighstreet has given me an alternative vision - perhaps I could have two strings to my business bow; the range of names, initials and charms, and the less populist collections that sell well in the shop. If, and it's a big if, the necklaces remain popular, I will need more help next year keeping up with demand. It's something to ponder when I've a few spare minuted to rub together....

And finally I'm rather excited that I'm in Red Magazine/Red Direct his month! Page 129. AND, thanks to Folksy, I'm also on the Channel4, 4Homes website as one of their top ten craft buys!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Need a good jewellery bench?

Just a quick post today, long overdue I know but I'm swamped by Christmas orders so please forgive me.

You may have seen  my cluttered bench in a previous post, well my husband who made it is now selling them on etsy and folksy. Have look here

I can highly recommend it, naturally, and if you see how much pressure I put that poor table under, you'd feel just a little sorry for it!

Meanwhile, I'm half way through the 70 pre-Christmas orders, but today Red Magazine came out, and my initial pendants are on page 129, and I've already had three orders. Gulp…. then at lunchtime I found a tweet from folksy that led me here….

Er…. HELP?!?!?