Thursday, 6 October 2011

More feathers!

No coincidences today, but more feathers! Isn't it strange how when you are busy the ideas just seem to spill out, with little time to do anything about them, but when you've time on your hands.... Anyway, I thought if I ordered the feathers, and a little bit of time came up, I'd be ready to go. I also ordered some other teeny, tiny items, but no more on that just yet.

I can now upload a photo of the recent commission I had from Ann, a customer who likes to set me interesting commissions - the last one was the word pomegranate! I designed and made a cuff for her using copper and silver, and a stylised pomegranate. Below is a non commissioned piece that her husband bought for her for their 25th wedding anniversary. I loved making it, and must get around to putting it on notonthehighstreet.

It's silver and brass, but because both metals are mat they seem to me to have the appearance of silver and gold. I loved making it!

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