Monday, 24 October 2011

Panic Planning - dontcha just love it?

Today I had a mild panic. Or was it really that mild? The North Bristol Art Trail is just a month away and am I ready? Am I hell. So once I'd got all my parcels to the Post Office (and bought a delicious coffee to fortify myself) I made a list. A very long list.

This year I'm showing at my friend Kate's house, rather than at fig. I've exhibited at fig two years running and I've never shown in someone's house, so it seemed a good idea to try it out. Naturally, I didn't think of the ramifications - like the fact that I might be ridiculously busy with notonthehighstreet work, now, when I would normally be making stock, or that I might still want a small amount of work at fig. So now the reality has dawned, I realise I need to have extra stock so that I have cabinet of goodies at fig, along with some stock to top up anything that sells, plus full collections, and stock at Kate's. That's a lot of pieces.

So tonight I have bitten the silver bullet, so to speak, and ordered nearly £500 worth of silver - argh! That's a lot of silver, or pieces of eight maybe. Then there's the cost of packaging yet to be ordered, paying for a mobile card payment terminal, paying people to look after my cabinet at fig.... gulp. Oh boy.

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