Friday, 16 September 2011

New Work

I have promised myself for months now, that I would start blogging regularly. And somehow it never quite happens. So my new promise to myself (along with taking more exercise and eating less chocolate) is to blog, now and then, about new work. Of course, I've chosen a week when the two exciting pieces I'm working on are surprise gifts, and I daren't put them on here just yet, just in case. So instead here are photos of the new 'value for money' collection! Feathers!

Lots of 'em. I've always loved feathers, and there are images, and sketches of them all through my sketch and note books, but I could never turn them into satisfactory silver pieces. So I just bought some real ones! These are hand dyed (not by me) goose and chicken feathers. I've made silver tube attachments for them and then 'chemically bonded' (read glued!) the feathers into the tubes. Very 80's style, long and luscious, and remind me and my (younger!) sister of our teenage-hood, though then I wore peacock feathers.

Prices start at just £15 for the earrings, and £25 for the necklaces. Only available from fig at the moment, or you can order on the phone if you want to let me know what colours your'd like.

Meanwhile I realise that I also haven't posted any images of my newest silver collection, which is called Wild Roses. These gorgeous photos have been taken by my friend and regular photographer, Clare Swayne of Snappy Families. Her work just gets better and better and I'm soooooo pleased with these images. I designedand ordered new gift tags this week using some of the images from this collection (though not the ones here!).

I'm hoping that these will be available on my own website soon (webdesigner's time permitting) but meanwhile you can find them on notonthehighstreet.

That's it for now, I'm dying to post about the new pieces, but it will have to wait till next week. I will say though that one of them is a version of this piece here, but instead of a woman's name it says MrsSmith (though I've replaced the real name with Smith!) - what a great idea! Really made me chuckle. The other piece is a rather fabulous stand out piece from my Wild Roses collection destined for one of my favourite customers for her rather special wedding anniversary. So no photos until she's received it!

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