Tuesday, 22 March 2016

'Where do you get your ideas from?'

I'm occasionally asked this question, and sometimes I've no idea, but now and then it's an easy question to answer. One of my resolutions this month (and beyond!) is to blog more frequently, and another is to create a new item at least once a week. Hopefully these things will be good enough, or lead to something good enough, to make more to sell.

So yesterday I got out my sketch book and then started looking at my instagram feed. And first up was a new print by Eloise Renouf, whose work I love. And from that starting point, I started sketching a few ideas using some of the shapes and combinations that she has used in the print.

This morning, once I'd finished off some orders, I started making a couple of rough versions of two of the sketches. The idea is that they will eventually be made from gold and silver, but naturally I'm starting with all silver versions.

This is the top part of the earrings with the post and a tiny jump ring attached to the reverse, and the lower parts before I cut them out.

Then I popped a ring through the hole at the top of the shapes and threaded this through the other ring, and soldered it closed. Finally I polish the top part to a mirror finish and the dangling shapes are matt.


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