Friday, 11 March 2016

Musings of a 'full-time' craftsperson

This week was supposed to be a 'good' week - in that there weren't to be too many other things going on. In the last few weeks I have taught a 1:1 workshop, been to parents evening (in the afternoon), gone to solicitors meeting, taken kids to dentist/rehearsals/work, volunteered and worked shifts at my shop Fig on the Gloucester Road. Phew. So I'd been looking forward to a heads down, proper working week.

Well so much for that idea. Anyway, in the middle of various family 'jobs' (over and above all the standard ones) I had a power-brunch with a dear friend and fellow full-time working-from-homer (AND she's finishing off a degree) and general all round wonder-woman. We meet infrequently but we are good at motivating each other to do something, something we 'need' to do for work or a more personal need. I have promised to blog more often (yes, more than once a year!) and schedule it into my week (her idea!). So this got me thinking about scheduling and squeezing a ridiculous amount of stuff into my week.

So although I haven't had as much quality work time this week as I would have liked, I looked back at my instagram feed and realised that I have achieved and finished a few things this week that were on the mental tick list.

I finally noticed that all but one of my wire flower bouquets had sold in fig so I found time to make four new ones.
These tiny little earrings are one of three new designs that have been roaming around my head for a month or two. Available to buy on Etsy.


And these two pictures were finally mounted and framed in the middle of the week, and even photographed in the smattering of sunshine that we've had in Bristol. I did also get all my orders out, but the to-do list is still there, just a little shorter. But now I can tell Ms Power Brunch, that I've actually blogged! Hurray!

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