Monday, 6 February 2012

Sometimes I just LOVE Monday's!

When I've got a new idea on the go, there's nothing better than a Monday morning to start it. Though, technically I didn't get going until the afternoon, as I had a couple of things that had to be done first so that they are ready for the post. But by the end of play (3.15pm on a Monday) I had made the first three of my new tattoo er... range? Collection? I need the collective noun for tattoos. A team of tattoos? I've looked it up - there isn't one. I feel a facebook post coming on.

Anyway, this weekend was spent drawing and sketching an idea that has been lurking around the periphery of my imagination for sometime. Tattoos - mainly those created by Sailor Jerry - have long been  something that has interested me, though I would never have one done to myself! But those vintage style, 1950's ones, I just love the imagery and simple shapes. So here are some early sketches....

And then some more worked up drawings...

 And finally, today's pieces, pierced and ready for filing tomorrow!

Also today, my interview with Folksy appeared here in Frankly magazine, and tomorrow (all things crossed and breath held) one of my name necklaces should appear in Heat magazine! Oooooo - I do hope it is in there - I've always wanted to appear in it's pages (preferably on the arm of Jonny Depp or David Tennant, but I'm that fussy) so I'm really, really excited (though very quietly, just in case).

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Jane Ormes said...

Marvellous work - and I enjoyed the sound of the drill too !!