Sunday, 29 January 2012

PR or not to PR

Have been musing recently on whether I should try to find someone to do some PR for me. I'm not exactly a consistent blogger, facebooker or tweeter, so the likelyhood of approaching magazines, websites etc and trying to get a mention, small feature etc is so unlikely. But I know I should. So the obvious answer is a PR person isn't it? One who would do small amounts of work here and there, so probably freelance, but in the right field (fashion/crafts/accesories) right? Great idea, but where to start.

Meanwhile, without lifting a finger, I've got some work in Red Direct March issue, out on the 1st of Feb, it's also looking promising for Heat Magazine on the 7th of Feb (another name necklace, naturally!) and now an interview (don't know pub date yet) wtih Frankly, Folksy's online magazine. So all this with no PR person.... should I let things rumble along with the hope that other publications will pick up the phone, or a PR person to keep the ball rolling? Hmmmmm....

Any thoughts on the matter gratefully received!

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Lily Charmed said...

I am in the same situation! But it seems you are much further along the road than me. I am a rubbish blogger, facebooker and social media person, which doesn't help.

Perhaps you could do a bit of your own PR - send out press releases to the magazines that fit.

Frankly there are not enough hours in the day to run a business, create beautiful jewellery AND do PR - so perhaps finding a PR person is the way forward... Can you let me know how you get on, as I may follow your Lead.

Lucy Lee