Monday, 9 March 2015

Gold Plating Jewellery

For a long time now, I've been asked to make many of my most popular items in gold, but boy are people surprised when they find out how much it will cost! To give you an idea, my single knot bangle uses 280mm of 2mm silver wire, costing around £10. The same in gold? Almost £150! So you can imagine by the time I've done the work, added the cost of hallmarking and my general overheads,  p&p, there is a huge difference in the price.

So the lovely Lucy from Lily Charmed recommended a local gold plating company. I had always thought that you had send it all off to the Far East and have a huge number of items plated, but it turns out that this isn't the only option. So I sent off some of my best sellers, to a company not five miles from my workshop and had them dipped in 24ct gold. 

I went to pick them up myself as I was fascinated to find out how it was done. Having learnt just about nothing in Science at school, and only a couple of days of electroplating at college, I took the opportunity to have a good nose, and try to understand a little of what goes on. It was surprisingly old school and I loved my tour, but not as much aI love the results!

And for the gentlemen in your life, there's some cufflinks too.

You can find them all on my website now.

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