Friday, 7 March 2014

What to buy for Mothers Day?

Now if you knew my mother, you too would already be scratching your head over what to buy. She has very particular taste - beautiful handmade items, collected from her travels and from her numerous connections with art schools and gallery owners. Sheʼs also a brilliant cook, and a fabulous hand knitter (she had her own knitting businesses in the 70ʼs and 80ʼs) and a keen bird lover. Not only that, but she and my stepfather owned a vineyard, and she has been a horticulturist. Yes, tough to buy for!
So hereʼs my current ideas...if money were no object!

One of these brilliant bird creation? 

Some lovely new wool from my favourite local wool shop (all british and all gorgeous)

Gorgeous soap from The Yorkshire Soap Company

Or some delicious wine from our rather brilliant local off license (their Prosecco is particularly delicious)

Subscription to the best magazine around. Inspirational.

A little bird told me that she would rather like one of my own new heart necklaces (but that feels like a cop out!)

Or, if my husband happens to be reading this, I would love (another) one of Kirstyʼs brilliant pieces - 

Pretty please? I am a mother too after all....

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