Sunday, 17 June 2012

Landscape Magazine

Well, I have been unbelievably lazy when it comes to blogging. Utterly useless. Still, I have been busy on lots of fronts. The most exciting is the article in Landscape Magazine that came out last week -  here's a picture of the cover, though I do apologise for the quality...

Much more sensible to see it clearly on their website - click here to do that. I've no idea if it has generated any sales, but I have been madly busy with online sales generally, and what with half-term and a virus I just can't shake the last two months have been pretty full on.

I've also had my website redesigned (by a company called netspin in Bristol) who have been a joy to work with - professional, speedy and understanding what I wanted. Have a look - it's not much changed visually, but in terms of how it works, it's leagues ahead of my old one! Click here to have a look.

Meanwhile, at home I'm desperate to get crafty again, and have signed up a sewing course with a friend who runs classes for sewing dunces like myself. Here name is Grace and she has been highly recommended to me by people she's helped, so now it's my turn! I went on a research trip (!) to John Lewis yesterday and managed not to buy a sewing machine. My wise and sensible friend Vic persuaded me to come back after our lesson and buy then. What I'm desperate to do is quilting - have always loved it, and one of my wonderful customers Ann writes a fascinating and inspiring blog that has urged me on. She's also written very kindly about me, but it's her quilting blogging that gets me excited.

So finally here's a picture of the fun my daughter and I had this weekend making something crafty! Going to be strung together in a long line, with beads or ribbon between them, and a bell on the end (thanks to my lovely friend, colleague and another inspiration) Kate Tarling!

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